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Curasight's Management Team

Ulrich Krasilnikoff

Ulrich Krasilnikoff

CEO & CFO - Board Member

Education and experience: Born 1967, MBA – SDU, Dipl. Ing – DTU, B.Sc. in finance and accounting – CBS, Certified Public Accountant – CBS/PWC.

  • EVP Biofac Group (pharma; 2015-2016)
  • Ass. Partner Capidea Capital Fund (Private equity; 2012-2014)
  • Partner/EVP Mezzanin Capital/Kirk & Thorsen (Private equity; 2004-2012)
  • EVP HNC Group A/S (2002-2004)
  • Board member; Carl Hansen & Søn, AH Metal Solutions and other companies.

Ulrich Krasilnikoff on LinkedIn

Andreas Kjaer

Andreas Kjær

CSO and co-founder (2013), Board member

Education and experience: Born 1963, MD, PhD, DMSc, MBA and professor at the University of Copenhagen and chief physician at Rigshospitalet, the National University Hospital of Denmark.

  • His research is focused on molecular imaging with PET and PET/MRI and theranostics in cancer.
  • His achievements include development of several new tracers that have reached first-in-humans clinical use.
  • He is the holder of an ERC Advanced Grant, has published more than 500 peer-review articles and has received numerous prestigious scientific awards over the years.
  • He is a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.

Andreas Kjær on LinkedIn

Nic Gillings

Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Education and experience:

  • MPhil Chemistry and PhD in PET Radiochemistry
  • Over 25 years of experience in radiopharmaceuticals
  • Chief Radiochemist at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Dep. of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET

Nic Gillings on LinkedIn

Jacob Madsen

Jacob Madsen

Director CMC and co-founder (2013)

Education and experience: Born 1972, PhD, M.Sc.(chemistry and radiochemistry)

  • Chief production manager, Radiochemistry, Rigshospitalet
  • Visiting researcher, Uppsala University
Carsten Haagen Nielsen

Carsten Haagen Nielsen

Director Pre-clinical and co-founder (2013)

Education and experience: Born 1983, PhD, M.Sc. (medicine and technology)

  • University of Copenhagen / Rigshospitalet
  • Visiting researcher, Stanford University, 2007-2010

Carsten Haagen Nielsen on LinkedIn