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Curasight’s mission is to improve the lives of millions of people with cancer

Invest in the cancer treatment of tomorrow 

Curasight is a Danish biotech company pioneering in the development of intelligent cancer imaging and more gentle and efficient treatment of cancer, using nuclear medicine. Curasight’s novel uPAR Theranostics technology is based on more than 10 years of research at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen by Professor Andreas Kjær and his group. The technology minimizes irradiation of healthy tissue by combining the targeted uTREAT® radiation therapy, with the precise uTRACE® diagnostics. Curasight‘s imaging technology is now tested in a broad pipeline of investigator-initiated phase II clinical trials.

How does it work

Status and progress

Curasight’s next 5 years’ strategy

In October 2020, Curasight raised DKK 47 million for financing a phase III PET imaging study in brain cancer, and the development of the therapeutic uTREAT® to prepare for clinical trials on brain cancer.

With issued patents in both Europe, the US, Canada and Japan, Curasight has a very strong intellectual property position. According to the Board's assessments, there is currently no other early-stage biotech company in the field of PET tracer development that has their technology tested in a broader portfolio of clinical trials in humans (investigator-initiated) and across several cancer types.

”There is really an unmet need here to improve the therapy and diagnostics of these patients, and this is the very reason why we are pursuing this area.”

- Professor Andreas Kjær, co-founder, CSO and board member

A strong and progressive pipeline​

  • Broad clinical testing in many cancer indication (investigator-initiated phase II clinical trials) of uTRACE® – so far more than 400 patients have been scanned ​
  • Protocols for phase III pivotal uTRACE® study in brain cancer will is planned for submission in 2022

Be part of funding the journey to the cancer treatment of tomorrow

Based on promising results, Curasight’s Board and management projects that uTRACE® and uTREAT® could become game-changing technology in the management of cancer patients. Curasight raises funds to further advance and commercialize the combined diagnostics and therapy technology – uPAR Theranostics – for improved diagnosis and treatment across several forms of cancer.

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