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uPAR Theranostics

Curasight has developed a novel and innovative Theranostics platform for improved cancer diagnose and treatment.

The combination of using targeted radionuclide therapy to treat cancer, and a non-invasive PET imaging for diagnosing and monitoring, is known as Theranostics (Therapy + Diagnostics = Theranostics). Curasight’s solution combines the technologies uTREAT® (targeted radionuclide therapy) and uTRACE® (based on non-invasive PET imaging). Both technologies target uPAR which is why Curasight’s solution is called uPAR Theranostics.

The benefit of having a Theranostics pair is that by doing imaging, and using the same substance for treating, it can be exactly predicted where the therapy will go. The difference is that the substance injected is loaded with two different types of radioactivity: for therapy a harmful type, and for imaging a harmless type.