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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Curasight do?

Curasight is a biotechnology company focused on using its cutting-edge uPAR Theranostic platform combining more accurate diagnosis and more targeted and efficient treatments to improve the lives of people with certain types of cancer. 

2. Where is Curasight located?

Curasight is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark

3. What is different about Curasight’s approach to cancer treatment?

Curasight has a two-pronged approach to treating certain cancers, aimed at improving the diagnosis and characterization of a tumor which can then be used to provide better treatment options. By using its cutting edge uPAR theranostic platform, Curasight combines diagnosis using its uTRACE® platform via intelligent cancer imaging, with its uTREAT® platform for more gentle and efficient treatment options for certain cancers.

4. Does Curasight have any marketed products, and how many products does Curasight have in development?

Curasight currently does not have any marketed products but is building a pipeline of products being tested both in the laboratory setting and in humans. Curasight’s uTRACE® platform has been tested and found to be safe and efficacious in humans in Phase II trials for certain cancers and the company’s uTREAT® platform has been tested in preclinical studies in certain cancers. In May 2023 Curasight entered into an exclusive global license and collaboration agreement with Curium Inc. – a global leader in radiopharmaceuticals – for the development and commercialization of uTRACE® for use in prostate cancer.

5. How many employees does Curasight have?

We have a small team of 10 people working in the company and additionally work with a focused network of specialist consultants on an ad hoc basis.

6. Curasight is a publicly listed company - when was Curasight listed, on which exchange are the company’s stocks traded and what is the stock symbol?

Curasight was listed in October 2020 on the Spotlight Stock Market. Spotlight is a growth-focused stock exchange based in Stockholm, Sweden with currently around 160 Nordic companies listed on the exchange. The stock symbol is CURAS.

7. How much did Curasight’s IPO raise?

Curasight’s IPO (including warrants program) raised approximately DKK 97 million and the company has approximately 4000 shareholders today.

8. Who should I contact regarding a. shareholder/investor related questions b. media inquiries c. partnering inquiries and d. other matters?

All shareholder/ investor, media and partnering inquiries should be addressed to CEO Ulrich Krasilnikoff