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The exercise period for warrants of series TO 1 in Curasight A/S begins today

September 16, 2021


Today, 16 September, 2021, marks the beginning of the exercise period for the warrants of series TO 1 that were issued in connection with Curasight A/S (“Curasight” or “the Company”) issue of units during September 2020. The exercise period runs until and including 7 October, 2021. Upon full exercise of all warrants, Curasight will receive approximately DKK 48.8 million (before issue costs). Sedermera Fondkommission is the financial adviser and Markets & Corporate Law Nordic AB is the legal advisor in connection with the warrant exercise. Nordic Issuing is the issuing agent.

Curasight issued units (shares and consideration free warrants) in connection with the Company’s IPO in September 2020 as well as the Private Placement that was executed in parallel with the IPO. Each unit consisted of eight shares and seven warrants. During the exercise period for the warrants of series TO 1, which starts today, each warrant holder has the possibility, for each warrant, to subscribe for one new share in Curasight for DKK 17.20 per share. The exercise period ends on 7 October, 2021. The warrants are traded on Spotlight Stock Market until 5 October, 2021. The warrant holders are able to exercise their warrants until 7 October, 2021 or sell them at the latest on 5 October, 2021, by instructing their bank. The warrant holders need to contact their bank, follow the bank's instructions, and allow some time for handling the instructions and payment to be sure to act before the exercise period expires. The warrants cease after the exercise period and thereafter become worthless. Upon full exercise of all warrants, Curasight will receive approximately DKK 48.8 million (before issue costs, which are estimated at approximately DKK 3.4 million). Warrant holders are advised to read the teaser connected to the offer, for a summary of the terms for the warrants. The teaser is to be found at the Company’s website as well as Sedermera Fondkommission’s website and Nordic Issuing’s website.

The proceeds that the Company will receive through the warrant exercise will finance Curasight’s clinical development plan.


The terms of warrants in brief

Exercise period:                      16 September 2021 – 7 October 2021.

Exercise price:                         Holding of one (1) warrant of series TO 1 entitles to the subscription of one (1) share in Curasight at an exercise price of DKK 17.20 per share.

Issue volume:                          There are 2,835,000 outstanding warrants of series TO 1. If all warrants of series TO 1 are exercised Curasight will receive approximately DKK       48.8 million before transaction costs.

Last day of trading in the

warrants:                                  5 October, 2021.

Current number of shares

in Curasight:                            17,126,340 shares.


Important dates in connection to the exercise of warrants of series TO 1

  • The exercise period begins:  16 September, 2021.

  • The last day of trading in warrants: 5 October, 2021.
  • The exercise period ends: 7 October, 2021.
  • Planned communication of outcome: 11 October, 2021.
  • Planned conversion of interim shares to shares: 15 October, 2021.

The investment teaser is to be found on Link in both an English, Swedish and Danish version. The subscription form is found in English and Danish via the same link.

For further information regarding Curasight, please contact:

Ulrich Krasilnikoff, CEO

Phone: +45 22 83 01 60


Curasight A/S is a clinical development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is a pioneer in the field of exploiting a novel Positron Emissions Tomography (PET) imaging platform targeting the urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (“uPAR”). The technology provides improved diagnosis and risk stratification in multiple cancer types.