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Curasight A/S reports positive preclinical results with uTREAT[®] in lung cancer (NSCLC)

October 18, 2023


· Preclinical studies show uTREAT[®] effective in treating non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

· Data follows recent announcement of positive preclinical results within glioblastoma and supports hypothesis that uTREAT[®] has treatment potential in additional solid tumors

· Data highlights potential of company’s uPAR theranostic platform to combine diagnosis (uTRACE[®]) with more gentle and targeted treatment (uTREAT[®])

Copenhagen, October 18, 2023 - Curasight A/S (“Curasight” or “the Company” – TICKER: CURAS) is pleased to announce preclinical data demonstrating preclinical proof of concept of uTREAT[®] in treating non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Today’s news follows the announcement earlier this year of positive preclinical results of uTREAT[®] in glioblastoma.

Data from the study showed that uTREAT®, when administered to a preclinical mouse model of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), effectively inhibited tumor growth. This data demonstrates the potential for uTREAT® to be used as a radioligand therapy for the treatment of NSCLC and supports further development for this indication.

"We are excited by these latest results, which support our commitment to advancing our uPAR theranostic platform to improve both diagnosis and treatment for certain types of cancer. In addition to our reported results in glioblastoma, we now have both Phase II data from our diagnostics platform uTRACE® in non small cell lung cancer and positive preclinical results with uTREAT® to treat this type of cancer.” Said Ulrich Krasilnikoff, CEO of Curasight. “The data confirms that our platform is cancer specific but not cancer type specific. The potential is therefore immense across tumor types. We are now considering how this potential can be explored in our initial clinical development program with uTREAT® for the benefit of cancer patients with different cancers.".

About Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

NSCLC is the most common type of lung cancer with approximately 700,000 patients being diagnosed each year in the US and EU alone. The 5-year survival rate in the US is around 28%. Despite advances, there is a need for more effective therapies.

About the uPAR theranostic platform

Curasight’s uPAR theranostic platform is based on two-pronged approach to enable better and more targeted cancer detection and treatment. Using intelligent cancer imaging with our uTRACE® platform we can more accurately detect and classified certain cancers. This understanding can then be utilised with our uTREAT® platform to provide more targeted and gentle treatment for certain cancers.

For more information regarding Curasight, please contact:

Ulrich Krasilnikoff, CEO

Phone: +45 22 83 01 60


Curasight is a clinical development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Company is a pioneer in the field of exploiting a novel Positron Emissions Tomography (PET) imaging (uTRACE®) and Radioligand Therapy (uTREAT®) Theranostic Platform targeting the urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (“uPAR”). The technology is expected to improve diagnosis and provide more gentle and efficient treatment of multiple cancer types.